Chrome For iOS Updated With New Features

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Last week, Chrome for Android received a pretty substantial update that added a slew of new features to the mobile browser. At the time, I suggested a similar update would hit iOS sooner rather than later. Google didn't disappoint as the company has released a new version of Chrome for iOS today.

Unlike the Chrome for Android update, the newest version of Chrome for iOS focuses on adding new functionality to the browser instead of additions to its HTML5 capabilities. The big new feature is a revamp to how searches are displayed in Chrome for iOS. Now you can see your search term in the Omnibox instead of Chrome displaying a long URL.

Chrome For iOS Updated With New Features

Google says that they'll be rolling out the above change to search over the next few weeks so don't freak out if you don't see it immediately after updating. What you will see immediately after updating, however, are two new features that should make any Chrome user happy:

To quickly view your tab history, simply press and hold the back button to access any page you had previously visited from that tab. Head to "Menu" then "Share" to share a web page via email or to your favorite social network. Now you can also share any web page via Messages.

You can grab the newly updated Chrome for iOS here. If you missed the Chrome for Android update from last week, you can grab that here.

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