Chrome Gets Faster, Safer With New Stable Release

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Earlier this month, Google announced a beta release of their Chrome browser that they said would improve its speed and security. Today, they've announced the stable release.

With this update, Chrome will begin loading your most frequented pages even before you finish typing the URL in the omnibox (the URL bar within Chrome that also serves as a Google search). Chrome will prerender the page in the background, which will allow it to load faster - "even instantly as soon as you hit Enter," according to Google+Chrome+Blog%29">a blog post.

The security updates involving further protections from malicious downloads. "In addition to checking a list of known bad files, Chrome also does checks on executable files (like ".exe" and ".msi" files). If the executable doesn't match a whitelist, Chrome checks with Google for more information, such as whether the website you're accessing hosts a high number of malicious downloads"

They also announced intentions to update Chrome OS to improve Chromebook functionality:

In the near future, we will also begin rolling out updates to Chrome OS to further simplify the Chromebook experience. With a new image editor, Chromebook users will be able to quickly view, edit and share photos on the web. Users will also see an improved Verizon 3G activation portal, which includes the ability to set up a recurring purchase of mobile data.

Today, Google also unveiled their Screenwise initiative. The program works only in Chrome and allows Google to monitor your web activity so Google can generate info on how people browse. Participation in the program is optional, and Google is now taking email applications. You won't be letting Google spy on you for nothing - they are offering up to $25 in Amazon gift cards to willing participants.

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