Christy Mack Attacked by War Machine Fans as He Is on Suicide Watch

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Today was to have been the day that Christy Mack and her friend Corey Thomas were to testify in a hearing about the night they both were allegedly attacked and beaten by Mack’s ex-boyfriend Jonathan Koppenhaver — AKA War Machine — a former MMA fighter.

But Koppenhaver’s defense team managed to secure a delay, telling the justice of the peace that they needed more time to look at the charges against him. The prosecution warned that this might be a delay intent on “icing the victim”, convincing Mack and Thomas not to testify. Koppenhaver was not present for that motion before the judge.

Then came the news that Koppenhaver had apparently attempted suicide Tuesday night. According to News3 in Las Vegas, where Koppenhaver is jailed awaiting trial, Koppenhaver “was found unresponsive by a corrections guard making cell checks about 9:30 p.m. at the county jail.”

An email to the news station from Metro Officer Jose Hernandez further said:

“On Oct. 14, at approximately 9:30 p.m., a corrections officer was conducting routine walk-throughs inside the Clark County Detention Center when he noticed inmate Koppenhaver in a seated position on the floor with his feet resting on the bunk."

The officer saw what looked like a torn bedsheet around Koppenhaver’s neck and tied around the leg of his bunk. He did not respond to calls from the officer. The officer entered Koppenhaver’s cell, cut him free from the linen “noose”, and Koppenhaver began to breathe better and try to talk.

Koppenhaver was placed on suicide watch in a special cell with no items that he could make another attempt with. He had left behind a suicide note.

Christy Mack had recently posted another Instagram picture of herself in recovery from the beating she allegedly received from Koppenhaver. She also had posted a message about her progress.


Sometimes half of your temp teeth decide to fall out to match the rest of your face. Thanks to Dr. Motykie for fixing the damage to my nose, and Dr. Adam Lousignont of Las Vegas for the temp tooth fix... again. Left was Monday right is today. What a difference a few days makes! I'm starting to breathe out of my nose again and today I'm going to get my glasses. One day soon I'll be going to New York to see Dr. Toscano and get my permanent teeth.

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But War Machine still has some die-hard fans out there who seem to think that Christy Mack is faking the severity of her injuries, or just believe that she deserved it. These paragons of societal virtue like to post in MMA forums. Some of their comments include.

“Missing teeth was actually an advantage in her field of work." - maxbrothersinc

“I’m sure WM wasn’t the first guy to kick her ass, just the best at it.” - CracklinsRgood4U

“awe [sic], that’s great! She will be up and whoring in no time!” - Tubarao

The thread containing these comments has been removed. A new thread about War Machine’s suicide attempt is there. Not all MMA fans are sympathetic to War Machine. They responded to the news of his suicide attempt this way:

"Sympathy move. Fuck off. Lock him up.”

"Good, don't want him getting off that easy. He can enjoy his next shitty decade in jail and when he gets out he’ll be too old to compete and have nothing.”

“what a dumbass, fails at life and fails at killing himself lol”

"Glad they caught it. He shouldn’t get off the hook that easy.”

"The guy is a fucking rabid dog, and can't operate in our society. He is a danger to the public, and even the prison inmates and staff. If he offs himself, it guarantees he won't harm anyone ever again, and that is a good thing. There was an article posted on the OG today about a violent offender who was released from prison and murdered his own elderly mother two days later. You don't think WM is capable of something like that? Fuck this guy.”

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