Christmas Ornaments: Fun DIY Ideas


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If you love the holidays and love to decorate, you may want to consider making your own Christmas ornaments.

DIY ornaments are fun to make with kids, the elderly or just on your own on a cold winter night.

Homemade ornaments can be used to decorate your tree, sold at crafts shows or given as gifts for the holidays.

Here are a few fun DIY ideas to try.

Felt Ornaments
Felt is inexpensive, easy to find and easy to use. Layer two pieces of felt on top of each other and then stencil or freehand a design on the top piece. Follow your pattern to cut out the shape and then use a needle and thread to stitch the two pieces together. Use thick thread and uneven stitches for a more rustic or primitive look. Leave a small opening so you can stuff the ornaments with cotton or pillow filling. Finish sewing the ornament, add a piece of string for hanging and decorate if desired.

Personalized Bulbs
Personalized bulbs are great for family, classrooms or gifts. Simply purchase a pack of clear bulbs from the store and use a marker, paint or vinyl to personalize each one of them with a name, initials or monogram. Fill the bulb with glitter, confetti, fake snow or beads of your choice. You can also paint snowmen, reindeer or winter scenes on the bulbs if desired.

Paper Ornaments
If you are looking for an inexpensive but creative way to decorate your tree this year, paper ornaments may be a good option. You can fold the paper to make fans or cut it to make snowflakes, bulbs and other shapes. Add glitter, sequins, jewels and paint to decorate the ornaments and make them special. Kids will enjoy coloring and painting on the paper. Hang on the tree with a piece of string to display your artwork.

If you want to have fun during the holidays and make something special for your tree or someone else's try one of these fun DIY ornament options.