Christina Ricci To Play Lizzie Borden On New Fictional Series

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Christina Ricci will step into the shoes of infamous suspected murderer Lizzie Borden, but this time around the story will be based in fiction rather than fact.

Ricci has reportedly signed on to play Borden for Lifetime in a limited series called Lizzie Borden: The Fall River Chronicles, a follow-up to the successful television movie the network aired earlier this year. While the film was based on the real-life events of Borden's family life and trial--in which she was acquitted for the murders of her father and stepmother--the show will focus on a storyline about the suspicious deaths of several other people in her life, followed by a Pinkerton detective.

The series will be comprised of six episodes and will air sometime next year, co-starring Clea DuVall as Lizzie's sister Emma.

“This series will take viewers further down Lizzie Borden’s dark path, revealing what many people suspected about her mysterious life,” said Lifetime executive vice president Rob Sharenow.

Ricci said that the movie was meant to come from the perspective that Borden was guilty no matter what the outcome of the trial was. The story focuses on the idea that Lizzie's relationship with her father was dysfunctional, something that contributed heavily towards her anger at her stepmother.

"We wanted to come at it from the perspective of we know she's guilty and this is the way she behaves afterward," Ricci said. "One of the main theories is that the father was living for a long time with his two daughters as wives, so that was disrupted when the stepmother came in. With the amount of rage directed at her you have to wonder why. So the theory is that Lizzie hated her for replacing her role with her father, or that the stepmother came in and was happy to let the father continue and not be the savior that these girls needed."

Amanda Crum
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