Christina Ricci Praises Marc Jacobs, Calls Him 'Visionary'

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Christina Ricci loves everything Marc Jacobs. She has known the designer for a decade, and buys many of his famous pieces. The Addams Family star praised Marc Jacobs during New York Fashion Week earlier this week, calling him a 'visionary.'

"I've known him for over 10 years. He's such a visionary," Ricci said.

It was while seated in the front row at his Fashion Week show on Thursday--alongside Nicki Minaj and Sofia Coppola--that Christina Ricci saw even more pieces she will no doubt buy.

"I have, like, so many. A crazy amount. As soon as I was buying nice stuff, it was Marc," she said.

So what might Christina Ricci buy to add to her wardrobe from this latest Marc Jacobs show?

Kendall Jenner strutted her stuff on the runway for Marc Jacobs showing off a pretty floral print dress, topped by anything-but-basic black with sequins. She accessorized the look with black leather gloves, tights, and booties. This is something those who have followed Christina Ricci throughout the years could likely imagine her not just wearing--but pulling off the look flawlessly.

"What I see in the street now doesn't interest me," Marc Jacobs told reporters backstage following his show. "I am so tired of street-style looks."

There's nothing street-style about Christina Ricci, and it's plain to see that she loves anything Marc Jacobs designs. He no doubt relies in part on celebrities like Christina Ricci to not only show off his designs, but to show that they're worth the price paid in longevity.

Kimberly Ripley
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