Christina Milian Won't Douse Lil Wayne Rumors

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Christina Milian may be having a thing with Lil Wayne. Or maybe not. This possibility has been turning heads and wagging tongues for months. The fine research team at TMZ did a breakdown about why that possible pairing has some interesting crossover consequences.

"Christina Milian has a baby with The Dream, who she was married to. Also Nivea, the singer, is The Dream’s ex-wife, who also has a baby with dream, and now has a baby with Lil Wayne.”

Despite the complex nature of this breeding situation, the rumors have grown for weeks about the possible hook-up. Christina Milian has kept pretty quiet about it for a while.

TMZ recently ran with a clip of Milian and Karrueche Tran as tacit proof that there may, maybe, possibly be something there.

The interviewer asked, “If you guys do a double-date with Lil Wayne and Chris Brown, who picks up the check?”

Tran responded, “Weezy.”

Commenter Vee Kay responded to this news with:

"All she wants is to not be his side piece. That's why Dhea was by his side at his daughter's party with a rock still on her finger! Do a story on that TMZ. Ya’ll are all the way wrong with this"

The party she was referring to was a much-hyped soiree at which Lil Wayne reportedly gave his daughter two cars.

Milian herself threw Wayne a party, though.

At the 2014 American Music Awards a few weeks back, Milian and Wayne turned heads with a steamy performance of their collaboration tune “Start a Fire.” The bump and grind threw gasoline on the rumor flames.

Milian has denied that she and Wayne are involved intimately, but many bystanders do think that she allows the rumors to run unchecked because it pumps sales of her music.

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