Christina Hendricks of 'Mad Men' and Her Love-Affair With Hair and Makeup

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Christina Hendricks of Mad Men is well-known for her skills with updo-ing her beautiful ginger-gone-blonde locks and her friends like to capitalize on her mad skills for their own wedding hairstyles.

Christina Hendricks told British InStyle, who says she likes the new blonde shade on her locks, has always been about experimenting with hair styles and colors. That may be the reason her friends like to call on her to help them out for their big day.

"I did a couple of my friends' hair for their weddings. I'm not sure why they asked me, but I take it as a compliment. I'm known for doing messy up-do really quickly on myself - my mom's always really impressed. I like putting my hair up, and wearing lots of headwraps and scarves for fun," Christina Hendricks told the magazine.

A girl's girl, Christina Hendricks, 40, loves everything beauty, including using products to make herself feel even more beautiful than she is "au naturel."

"Yes I'm such a girl - I love make-up and I love the packaging. When something comes out in a new tube, I'm totally going to buy it," said Christina Hendricks.

"I started wearing make-up in high school. I always had a deep burgundy lip, liquid black eyeliner and white baby powder on my face to look a little more like Siouxsie Sioux," said Christina Hendricks. "Nowadays, I put something on even if I'm just home alone. My mom and I were talking about it the other day; I've probably learnt it from her. I'll always use a bit of cream blush, if nothing else - it makes me feel like I've woken up and I'm ready for the day."

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