Christina Hendricks Dyes Her Own Hair At Home

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Christina Hendricks is the most famous redhead in Hollywood right now.

Sorry, Julianne Moore, but it's quite true.

The Mad Men star has been rocking that gorgeous head of red hair for years now.

Thanks to her notoriety for her saucy role on the show and her lovely locks, Christina Hendricks has landed a new gig.

She is the new face of Clairol's Nice 'n Easy line of hair dye.

And for good reason. Shocker: Christina Hendricks dyes her hair at home. By herself.

“I’ve been dyeing my hair at home for years and years. I just follow the instructions on the box and it always turns out perfect, I don’t even think there is a trick!” she says. “I keep in my drawer every time I touch up because I trust it … I just follow what it says!”

She uses 6R Natural Light Auburn.

This isn't Christina Hendricks' first foray into the business side of Clairol. That was actually her first modeling gig at the age of 19.

“Clairol took me red, and I was absolutely thrilled. I loved it so much, I still actually have the picture from the shoot. I went back to my agency and said ‘I’m staying red, this it it, I love it.’ And they let me!”

Ah, fate. Now there's Joan. She just wouldn't be the same as a blonde or brunette, right?

Turns out being a redhead in the cut-throat world of Hollywood was quite the advantage when Christina Hendricks was starting out.

“I did notice I started getting more modeling jobs as a redhead — I think because it was quite unique, there weren’t a lot of redheads around.”

She added, “I think also because I felt so confident with it, I probably had a better attitude. I just felt gorgeous with it and I stuck with it for years.”

Well, it looks absolutely amazing. Maybe we should all consider saving some cash on our colors and highlights.

If Christina Hendricks can do it, can't we all?

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