Christie Brinkley Fights Her Brother As Alexa Attends Billy Joel Wedding

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Alexa Joel's life is a picture of light and dark the past few days. On the one hand, her father, singer Billy Joel, got married in a surprise ceremony to his girlfriend Alexis Roderick. The wedding took place at the couple's annual Fourth of July celebration. Alexa was there to see her father married to his fourth wife, with whom he is expecting a child.

But then there is Alexa's mother, Christie Brinkley. The former supermodel and second wife of Billy Joel is locked in a very public feud with her own brother over a memorial to their late parents, Alexa's grandparents. The feud is playing out on Facebook for all to see.

Gregory Donald Brinkley has accused his popular sister of using the occasion of their parents' deaths to clamor for media attention and cause trouble for him and his wife. The siblings hosted separate memorial services for their parents, each accusing the other of alienating behavior.

Christie Brinkley posted to Facebook that she would not attend the memorial her brother planned because it landed on her daughter Sailor's birthday. Some said this was a deliberate move by Gregory to keep Christie away.

"My brother Greg and I have been estranged for years and it is a private matter," Christie Brinkley wrote in a post. "I have honored my beloved parents' memory consistent with their wishes and Greg is honoring our parents in his own way. Today is my daughter, Sailor's Birthday and we will celebrate this day as my parents would have wanted.This will be my only response to published reports on this topic."

Some praised Christie Brinkley's approach to the odd scandal, but Greg begged to differ. He posted:

"Dad was way to intelligent to allow the kind of misappropriation of power to Christie for the lies she is telling herself, her children and the public about me and my pure as the fallen snow wife!"

Other friends of the family have jumped to taking sides, adding their own narrative to the fracas.

I posted this picture to Greg's page 5 years ago. Does this look like a brother and sister who have been estranged for...

Posted by Debbie Forte on Sunday, July 5, 2015

In a long post outlining his beef with Christie, Greg listed many points of contention that make him question his sister.

The Question Remains to this Day... WHY Christie changed in the 3 days after our Mother passed from being my friend and...

Posted by Gregory Donald Brinkley on Thursday, July 2, 2015

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