Christian Death Row Conviction Overturned

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A woman in Sudan who stood convicted of apostasy and sentenced to die has now been freed.

According to MSN, the Saudi state news agency SUNA announced in a release that 27-year-old Meriam Ibrahim, who was to have been hanged within the next two years, will not be put to death after all.

We first told you about Meriam Ibrahim when her conviction came down. The woman was born to a Muslim father, but raised by her Christian mother. She married a Christian man. Her whole life has been spent as a Christian. But Islamic law does not see it that way. Since her father was a Muslim, she is, by default, a Muslim.

Some of Ibrahim's relatives on her father's side of the family reported her to authorities. She was arrested and charged with apostasy, turning away from the Islamic faith, by marrying an American Christian man.

At the time of the conviction, Ibrahim was pregnant. The law decreed that her sentence was to be carried out two years after the baby was born.

Ibrahim's conviction caused an international outcry. Her attorney's flew into action and tried every angle they could to secure the overturn.

During her trial, Ibrahim was pressured by the judge to recant her faith. She insisted that her christian faith was not a new thing, but the way she had always lived, therefore there was no apostasy. But Islamic law dictates that all girls must follow the religion of their father. Islamic women are forbidden to marry outside of Islam. Islamic men may marry who they want.

Now that Meriam Ibrahim's sentence has been overturned, rumor is that she and her husband intend to come to the United States. No doubt she could make a tidy living on the church speaking circuit, as well as on a book.

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