Chrissy Tiegen Causes Woman To Faceplant at MTV Movie Awards, Watch the LOL Moment

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Chrissy Tiegen did a great job of hosting The Billboard Music Awards Sunday, apart from one small mishap.

As Chrissy Tiegen made her way to the stage with co-host Ludacris, the train of her dress tripped up a member of the audience causing the woman to faceplant.

Chrissy Tiegen didn't even miss a beat as she continued to make her way to the stage. With a quick look over her shoulder as if to say, what just happened, the host continued her walk up the steps to the stage.

Before the awards show got underway, Chrissy Tiegen and husband John Legend talked about preparations for her role as co-host.

"I got a spray tan the other night, which is on my palms," she told E! News on the 2015 Billboard Music Awards red carpet. "It matches John's hands as well because he was touching my breasts apparently in the middle of the night."

"That's what happens when married couples sleep together," John Legend added with a smile on his face.

One thing Chrissy Tiegen was worried about is her vision.

"Honestly, I'm blind as a bat so acuvue came to my hotel, gave me contact lenses and I'm still getting used to them," she told Giuliana Rancic. "If I flub, just blame my vision."

Chrissy Tiegen said she had a game plan for the hosting duties.

"I have a lot to read," she said. "I have to slow down but for the most part, I think I'm pretty okay."