Chrissy Teigen: Will She Leave Modeling for Cooking?

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Chrissy Teigen has long graced sexy photo spreads as a gorgeous model, but she's not sure modeling is her first love. In a recent interview for Modern Luxury, the wife of singer John Legend admits that cooking is a huge passion.

Will Chrissy Teigen give up modeling to create masterpieces in the kitchen?

Not likely. But that doesn't mean she isn't right at home in the kitchen.

“I really feel like this should have been my first calling,” Chrissy Teigen tells Modern Luxury. “I love when people send me photos of the recipes that they’ve made—that makes me very emotional.”

Chrissy Teigen even has a cookbook coming out soon, and she says it's not the kind one might expect from a celebrity.

“This isn’t your typical celebrity cookbook,” she says. “I really hate when you can tell somebody who doesn’t have a passion for it is pumping out a book.”

Teigen even admits that some of what she's cooked up for her cookbook--due out in April--has caused her to put on a few pounds. That can be dangerous in the modeling world, but Chrissy Teigen doesn't seem worried in the least.

She says she is inspired to cook by fans who eagerly anticipate her cookbook. She's also known for baring her flaws--what few she has--in photo shoots.

“I don’t think I would work at all without people that love it,” Chrissy Teigen says. “The people that you inspire to cook, who have never cooked a day in their lives and are finally cooking their first meal. Or people that feel like they’re comfortable showing their stretch marks because I shared mine. That to me is fantastic. That’s such a good feeling.”

Can you imagine Chrissy Teigen giving up modeling for a career in cooking? It's likely John Legend would support just about anything his gorgeous wife chooses as her passion.

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