Chris Evans: Acting, Directing & Looking Great Naked

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As Captain America: The Winter Soldier breaks records on its debuting weekend, some chatter has been going around that this may be lead actor Chris Evans' last go around in the spandex flag suit. Access Hollywood tells us of a conversation during the New York premiere of Captain America: The Winter Solider where Evans felt prompted to clarify an earlier interview in which he stated a strong interest in directing and that he would put more efforts into directing.

The media did a highly uncharacteristic thing and sensationalized the statement to mean that Chris Evans was retiring from acting and would not play Captain America in the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Although he almost passed on playing Captain America initially and now seems to be wearing a beard, it seems wise to take Chris Evans for his word. If you're of the type to believe a hot guy's word over an average guy, a compilation of Chris Evan's sexiest moments has recently appeared for the world to peruse. In this 60-second clip, there are moments from past movies such as What's Your Number, Cellular, Not Another Teen Movie (still wondering why he had such hesitation on being in a Marvel movie) as well as some Captain America: Spandex Unpeeled moments in Fantastic Four and the first Captain America movie.

This should provide better foundational information as you check out Chris Evans in the newest Captain America movie out now, and be assured that you'll see him and possibly more of his bod in later movies. 1:30 Train will serve as Chris Evans' directorial debut in which he will also star in along with Alice Eve and Mark Kassen. Filming began in December 2013 and should come out before the second Avengers movie.

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