Chris Christie Doesn't Regret Calling SEAL Idiot

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Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey has not been without controversy. This time it is because he called a law student former NAVY SEAL an idiot. The incident happened during a town hall meeting where every time Christie tried to make a point, 34-year-old William Brown interrupted him.

The debate turned into a shouting match and Mr. Brown was escorted out. This prompted Christie to say “And let me tell you something, if after you graduate from law school you conduct yourself like that in a courtroom, your rear end’s going to be thrown in jail, idiot,”

When asked today if he regretted his comments Christie said that he respected Brown's military service but that"doesn't give him the right to be a jerk."

Christie has a history of getting into it with people at town hall meetings. In 2010 at a town hall meeting he asked a teach who was complaining about her pay. That she knew what the job payed when she started her career.

He also got into it with a teacher at a town hall meeting about the teacher's unions role in thousands of teachers getting laid off.

@GovChristie @etcpolitics and you had no right to trample his freedom of speech by having him escorted out. Did he pose a threat to you?(image) 1 day ago via Twitter for Android ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

@etcpolitics Let everyone speak @ town halls. When tried 2 answer, he interrupted every time. Navy Seal or not, he had no right to interrupt(image) 2 days ago via Tweetee ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Chris Christie: No Regret For Calling Navy SEAL An 'Idiot' TrueBlueLiberal: No Regret for calling Christie a 'Fat Pig'(image) 57 minutes ago via The Huffington Post ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

@GovChristie Sir, Sometimes the better part of valor is to be quiet let the man has his say, then close the arguement with facts.(image) 2 days ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

@etcpolitics If u were there u would know I tried. Every time I spoke, he yelled again. He wouldn't let me talk-not the other way around.(image) 2 days ago via Tweetee ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

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