Chris Brown Accused In Alleged Hit-And-Run


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As you may know, Chris Brown was involved in a traffic accident last week when he rear-ended a Mercedes in his Range Rover. Now the woman driving the Mercedes says it was a hit-and-run as she accuses Brown of not handing over his correct insurance information.

TMZ reports that the LAPD is currently investigating whether or not Brown refused to hand over his driver license number to the woman driving the Mercedes. It's also alleged that he gave her the incorrect insurance information.

In a followup report, TMZ reports that sources close to Brown say that he gave all the necessary information to the woman after the accident. After the accusations of a hit-and-run came out, he had his lawyer try to contact the woman, but she has apparently been avoiding any and all phone calls from Brown's lawyer.

It looks like a case of he said/she said at this point in time, but we won't know anything for sure until the LAPD wraps up its investigation. That may be a while away, however, as the police have not contacted Brown or his lawyer yet. He had better hope the investigation comes out in his favor though as any law breaking under his current probation would send Brown to four years in prison.