Chris Brown, Drake Throw Down at New York City Club: Twitter Reacts

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Chris Brown and Drake apparently don't get along very well, as evidenced by the early morning showdown between the two chart-topping musicians at a New York City nightclub. Here's the kicker: If Brown instigated the altercation, his probation for assaulting former girlfriend and singer Rihanna could, in theory, be revoked, effectively landing the singer behind bars.

According to Hollywoodlife, police were called to W.i.P. nightclub in New York City after Chris Brown and Drakes' entourages decided it was time to beat the stuffing out of one another. At least five people were injured during the scuffle, including Brown, who received a fairly nasty cut on his chin as a result of getting clocked with a bottle.

If you care to look at Chris Brown's chin, here you go:


Details about who started the fight remain unclear, though police are currently looking into the matter. The fight is a little peculiar given that Chris Brown and Drake joined forces for the songs "Yamaha Mama" and "Marvin's Room". However, the New York Daily News reports that the incident may have stemmed from a note sent from Drake to Brown, which said something to the effect of, "I still f*ck Rihanna". That, I think, would probably do it.

What do folks on Twitter have to say about the situation? A lot, apparently. You can sample some of their thoughts and feelings about the fight by investigating the posts below. Just try not to throw any bottles at folks in the process.

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