Chocolate Bar Resume: Guy Gets Creative For Job

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If you look around the web on any given day, you'll probably find several instances of people being creative. Everyone wants to do something that hasn't been done before; as an artist, I can attest that it isn't always easy to achieve. But one way to get the creativity flowing is to direct it someplace it usually isn't a resume.

Rather than send out a boring, dry, plain old resume that looks like every other in a thick stack, some people are thinking outside the box to create something that will jump out at a potential employer. As more and more stories pour in through the wickedly slow economy of graduates being unable to land a job within their field, it's especially important to stand out from the crowd.

That's where things like chocolate bars and web pages come in. A Reddit user posted a photo of his buddy's resume, which happens to be printed on a candy wrapper, and it quickly went viral. Reportedly, he got the job.


There's also this guy, who created a resume that looks just like an Amazon product page.

Amanda Crum
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