Chloe Sevigny Hits 40, Wishes She Had a Baby

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Chloe Sevigny has been turning heads ever since she made out with a girl dressed like a guy on screen in Boys Don't Cry. Back then, that was kind of a big deal. But Boys Don't Cry was just in 1999. Now that sort of thing is the stuff of daily headlines and political debates.

Of course, Chloe Sevigny has done plenty of other stuff to keep herself walking on the freak side of culture. In the art house film The Brown Bunny in 2003, she performed unsimulated fellatio on star and director Vincent Gallo.

More recently Chloe Sevigny has been seen in American Horror Story and The Mindy Project. Through it all, Chloe Sevigny has been a darling of the gay community and the fashion community.

Recently featured in British Vogue, Chloe Sevigny talked about turning the big 4-0,

"At first I wasn't freaked out about it, then on my birthday I had a total meltdown. I don't know if I feel so much the effects of turning 40, as I can visually see in the mirror that things are changing… Forty is a turning point, and with the baby pressure, it becomes a different thing. I wish maybe I had had a baby when I was younger."

Some do not consider Chloe Sevigny to be pretty, but she has an appeal.

"I'm not a classic beauty and I feel like this is inspiring for girls - you don't have to be the perfect whatever," she told the magazine. "I do appreciate style - when someone makes an effort, or better still, when style appears effortless," she continued. "Anybody that shows a perspective is exciting to me."

She recognizes that her age does mean that some styles are heading into the sunset for her, but not many.

"I don't know that I should wear super high-cut denim shorts any more, but I do! My style hasn't really changed with age."

Sevigny gets her fashion cues from different places than most of the wannabe models nowadays.

"I'm always inspired by Patti Smith. I see her around New York a lot. She does that tomboy look which I wish I could pull off. I'm a little more girly… She looks rolled out of bed and so cool. Marlene Dietrich is another one; she was impeccable."

In fact, when she is 80 years old, she pretty much knows how she will look.

"I see myself with really long, white hair. Hopefully I won't be as body conscious, and be more kind of flowy, go back to the whole YSL thing I did when I was younger, but still putting in a bit of effort."

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