Chloe Moretz Admits She Doesn't Know What's Cool

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Chloe Moretz is stealing hearts with her new film, If I Stay, in which she plays a teenager who literally has to choose between life and death.

The movie is targeted at teenagers and the like, basically any who love to cry. But, just because Chloe Moretz is 17, that doesn't mean she knows all about what other teenagers are into right now.

When asked what was "on her radar" right now, Chloe Moretz responded,

“Honestly I am the worst at pop culture. I think I’m really abreast of pop culture and then it turns out I’m not. I meet 13-year-olds and they’re talking in a lingo I totally don’t understand.”

She admitted that she has "literally no idea" what is cool right now.

But, the young actress is doing something that many other 17-year-olds are doing. That would be thinking about college, but she's not running off right after graduation!

Chloe Moretz said, "I think I’m going to take two years off to see what it’s like and then go to school for film editing and cinematography."

"I’d probably say I’ve had my job since I was 5 years old, and I’ve been able to hone it and create a career," she added of her qualifications for college.

Chloe Moretz continued, "I think colleges look for people like that, who have had a passion for a long time or have been able to make themselves incredibly diligent and grounded when most people can’t do that at a young age."

That is true. It seems especially hard for young people in Hollywood to be grounded. Hopefully she keeps that part of her character as she continues to hone her skill and build what will obviously be an exceedingly successful career.

Good luck to Chloe Moretz as she travels further down the road!

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