China Beats Out U.S. In iOS, Android Activations

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China has recently surpassed the United States in iOS and Android activations for the first time, and is now the fastest growing device market in the world. China also has the fastest growth in application usage, which correlates with that country's app session growth.

Mobile activations rose from 8% to 25% in China over the last year within the same target market, which also indicates a rise in affluence in that country. Apple, Samsung and HTC are all directing marketing materials to this emerging class. The aforementioned app session growth rose a whopping 1,126 percent in China last year, making Argentina's own 599 percent growth look negligible.

One might see these numbers as being relative to the fact that China has 4.4 times the population of the U.S. - but it also has a per-capita income that is 12 times less. Still, mobile devices and apps are moving in that country at a very high rate.

Interestingly, it has been recently reported that a man in China stabbed a counterfeiter, after he was sold a fake iPhone.

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