Childbirth or a Swift Kick in the Balls: Which Hurts More? [VIDEO]

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Ah, the age old question that has divided men and women and turned plenty of friendly debates into screaming matches. Which hurts more: childbirth or getting kicked right in the balls?

To debate that here would be futile, so we'll let AsapSCIENCE take over. They explain how both things can hurt like hell, citing nociceptors, nerve attachments, and more.

But in the end, pain is subjective. As a man, I'll never experience the pain of childbirth. And as a woman, you'll never know the agony of a swift kick in the balls. See what I did there? Because I have felt one of those pains, I'm biased. I said "agony" instead of simply saying "pain."

I fear this question will never receive a proper answer. Both hurt. A lot. And even as a man, I can say that I'd rather get kicked in the balls 10 times, by a horse, than have to go through childbirth. Lord almighty.

Either way, it's a fun watch.

Josh Wolford
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