Cheryl Burke Will No Longer Be Dancing With The Stars


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For the past 18 seasons, Cheryl Burke has been one of two consistent professional partners on Dancing with the Stars. With the latest season just wrapping up, Burke is finally moving on to another series.

People reports that Burke is leaving ABC's Dancing with the Stars for a new series on NBC in 2015. We don't know what the series is, but you can at least imagine it will be some kind of competitor to Dancing with the Stars. The current television climate is all about copying what the competition does but making it better. With Burke's experience on Dancing with the Stars, NBC may be able to craft something that may be able to steal a little thunder from ABC's series.

On second thought, she might not be as interested in solely dancing as previously thought. Speaking with the magazine, she sounded a little bitter towards ABC. She claimed the network only wanted her as a dancer, and she obviously wants to start doing more.

"Dancing with the Stars will always be a part of my life," Burke said. "Dancing is what I've done since I was a little girl. But it was very clear the show only wanted me back as a dancer. They weren't interested in using me for other things and letting me grow."

For NBC, Burke will be performing, but it's likely she'll be involved in more than just the performance section of the show. Based upon what she wants, it's likely she'll be a producer or maybe even a judge. Another theory is that Burke could be a coach of sorts that helps curate new talent.

Despite all this, Burke doesn't regret her experience with the show itself:

"It's not so much about winning the trophy," Burke said. It's about changing someone's life, like helping them to lose weight, to gain more confidence, or helping them to believe in themselves. Every person I have danced with had a great experience, and that's something they will remember forever. I'm so honored to be a part of that."

In the meantime, she's just enjoying life: