Cheryl Burke Reveals Her "Crazy Love"

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Cheryl Burke is most well-known for her time on Dancing With The Stars, but she had a long career before she hit the floor on that show, and during her travels she met a man who would be both her dance partner and her love...for a time.

The choreographer opened up about the relationship recently on an episode of My Crazy Love, saying that when she met Rico, things started out pretty hot. But sadly, as is the case with many love affairs, theirs grew old, and it began to take a toll on their performances.

"I was getting all the attention all of a sudden and I think that hurt his ego," Burke says.

She goes on to say that their dancing career began to slow down and their problems at home began to sneak onto the dancefloor. Neither of them was happy, but she didn't quite know how to end the relationship.

You'll have to catch the full episode on Oxygen to find out how things ended, but evidently they didn't turn out so well for them, as Burke moved on to find her star status on DWTS. However, it was announced recently that she won't be returning to the show for another season, which hit fans hard.

"Cheryl has been on the show for close to 10 years. She has done a great service to the show and I think she feels that it’s time for her to move on,” said executive producer Rob Wade.

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