Chelsy Davy: Reunion With Prince Harry Rumors Are False, Prince Spent Birthday With Cressida Bonas

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Chelsy Davy and Prince Harry reunion rumors are running rampant, but a new report says that's all they are--rumors.

Prince Harry turned 31 earlier this week, and it wasn't Chelsy Davy who kept him company at a pub until the wee hours. It was another ex--Cressida Bonas--instead.

A source close to the prince says he and Cressida Bonas are still great friends, and that the two catch up with one another frequently. The two are part of the same large group of close friends.

"She was invited along to a birthday party with the big group of people and that was it," the source says of Prince harry's 31st birthday bash, which took place in a private room at the Cross Keys pub in Chelsea. "They're friends."

It seems the two are only friends, however, as Prince William returned home to the palace alone, with Bonas retiring elsewhere for the night.

Very noticeably absent from the birthday party was Chelsy Davy, another of Prince Harry's exes, and a Zimbabwean attorney. It seems the prince may have caught up with Chelsy Davy during a recent trip to Africa, however an official reunion--as in dating exclusively--is nothing but pure conjecture.

Ingrid Seward is the editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine and author of The Queen's Speech. She spoke of Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas's friendship.

"They are close friends. And Cressy's not the sort of girl you would fall out with. I wouldn't read anything much into it at this stage."

Seward added that the reason behind Prince Harry's splits from both Cressida Bonas and Chelsy Davis is the limelight in which he lives.

"Why would they want to go back into that?" she asks. "Both of those girls felt the same thing. He will always be friends of Cressida and ditto Chelsy."

If Prince Harry were to reconcile with one or the other of his exes, which would you prefer? Do you see him fitting better with Chelsy Davy or Cressida Bonas?

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