Chelsy Davy: Joined By Cressida Bonas In The "Royal Ex Club"?


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Much discussed former Prince Harry girlfriend Chelsy Davy may be making room in the “Royal Exes Club” if recent rumors are to be believed.

After months of speculating about Harry’s marriage plans with Cressida Bonas, it’s now being reported that the two have gone their separate ways.

The circumstances are decidedly different, if true, than what led Davy to part ways with the 29-year-old royal.

After the two called it quits back in 2010, Davy reported told her friends, “There’s no way we are getting married. It’s not a life for me.”

Those who marry into royalty will no doubt experience a great deal of public scrutiny. As with Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton, their every move will be watched and criticized.

The 28-year-old lawyer decided she preferred a different path.

While everyone agrees it was Davy who left Harry, this time around stories vary as to why Bonas and the prince broke up.

Some say that the 25-year-old was a little overeager to marry and that Harry dumped her because “she was too needy”.

This has been countered by sources close to the pair who say that it was a mutual and “amicable” decision.

One major reason for the split is that Bonas recently got a marketing job in London’s West End and wished to concentrate on her career.

Since moving on from Harry, Chelsy Davy is said to be dating society jeweler Charles Goode, 30.

It’s possible that Bonas like Davy will eventually find time for a relationship, just with someone else.

As it stands, Prince Harry is reportedly single once more.

It was a few years after dating Davy that rumors of a new love interest surfaced. This means if the split is true, it could be a few years before Harry decides to start dating seriously again.

Though it must be said that a pattern is quickly emerging regarding his choice of love interest.

If Prince Harry does marry, it will likely be to a beautiful blonde with a good head on her shoulders and career ambitions of her own.

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