Chelsea Handler Talks Nude Scenes With Ellen


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Chelsea Handler has proven that she will say and do anything in the name of comedy and to get some laughs, but although she appears to not have a problem doing nude scenes, she recently admitted that they are a little more difficult than what she lets on.

Chelsea recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and talked about being naked on camera and in front of the world.

"The last time I saw you, you were -- well you were naked," DeGeneres said to Chelsea on the show.

Chelsea went on to explain what Ellen was talking about.

"I texted Ellen. I said, 'I'd like you to do something with me in a shower naked for my last episode of my last show,'" Handler explained. "And she said, 'okay maybe.' The agreement was you were gonna come up and you were gonna be nude. And I was gonna be nude."

Chelsea has been getting naked on television a lot lately and on her recent standup special, Uganda Be Kidding Me, she shared several nude photos of herself.

She explained her decision to start getting naked and said that it has nothing to do with being conceded or overly confident.

"I like to be naked because I don't take my body seriously," Chelsea admitted. "People do, and that's nice for them, but I think bodies are so silly.”

She also admitted that she is proud of her breasts and does enjoy showing them off from time to time.

"I like to take them out whenever I can, and be like, 'Hey look! Pretend this is my whole face!'" Chelsea said, laughing.

What do you think of Chelsea Handler's attitude towards being nude on camera.