Chelsea Handler Explains to Ellen DeGeneres Why She Always Appears in the Nude

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Chelsea Handler appeared nude — again — in a shower scene with Ellen DeGeneres for her late night talk show Chelsea Lately's finale.

And, no, Degeneres wasn't exactly nude. Instead, she wore her clothes with a plastic shower cap on her head. Handler, on the other hand, was totally nude.

After the hilarious shower scene aired, Handler opened up on why she loves to go nude on camera on an Oct. 16 episode of Ellen.

"I like to be naked because I don't take my body seriously," Handler said. "People do, and that's nice for them, but I think bodies are so silly."

Handler told the audience that their agreement stipulated that they would both appear naked in the shower scene.

"No, never. I was never ever going to be nude. There was never an agreement of me being nude ever. Never. In your head, I was nude," said DeGeneres.

Handler insisted that it was true, saying there was even a contract that DeGeneres signed.

"The hard part for me is, I mean, you don't know what it must feel like to be in a shower with someone that you respect and you admire and you have clothes on and I don't," said Handler, seeming very serious. "That was a very low point in my life."

"It was quite something to be standing there with someone that I also admire and like very much and... you don't even care. You're just naked. And then at one point she decided to bounce, like to jump up and down and bounce over and over again, which was very difficult to get through that scene," admitted DeGeneres.

Handler said another reason why she likes to appear nude is because she likes to flaunt what she considers her best feature — her breasts.

"I like to take them out whenever I can, and be like, 'Hey look! Pretend this is my whole face!'" Handler said.

Pam Wright