Chelsea Handler, Ellen DeGeneres Talk Logistics of Nude Shower Scene

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Chelsea Handler and Ellen DeGeneres had an opportunity to chat on Ellen's show earlier this week, and the topic of Chelsea's nude shower scene arose. It was the first time the two funny ladies discussed the logistics of the scene that marked the final episode of Chelsea Lately. Handler ribbed DeGeneres, saying she was supposed to have been nude for the shower scene as well.

"No, never. I was never ever going to be nude. There was never an agreement of me being nude ever. Never. In your head, I was nude," Ellen DeGeneres said.

The banter between the two became instantly hilarious.

"The hard part for me is, I mean, you don't know what it must feel like to be in a shower with someone that you respect and you admire and you have clothes on and I don't," Chelsea Handler said with a completely straight face. "That was a very low point in my life."

"It was quite something to be standing there with someone that I also admire and like very much and... you don't even care. You're just naked. And then at one point she decided to bounce, like to jump up and down and bounce over and over again, which was very difficult to get through that scene," Ellen said.

Both Handler and DeGeneres admitted they had a hard time shooting the entire nude shower scene because they kept laughing during the takes.

"I think it's very empowering for me," Chelsea Handler admitted. "I like to be naked because I don't take my body seriously. I know people do and that's nice for them. But I think bodies are so silly -- you're so vain in this business -- myself included. First of all, these [my breasts] are the best thing I have going on on my body so I like to take them out whenever I can and say, 'Hey, look, pretend this is my whole face.'"

She also added it's quite unlikely she'll ever be a hacking victim because nude shots of her are easy to find.

"I thought if somebody goes through my phone it's going to be a disaster," she said. "So then I just started sending more [naked pictures] out [on social media]. I'm like, I'll hack myself, let's get it out there! Nobody's ever going to make money on a naked picture of me because I'd sell it to you for free."

Did you catch Chelsea Handler and Ellen DeGeneres in the nude shower scene on the last episode of Chelsea Lately? You have to view it in order to get why everything they said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this week is so funny. And if you've already seen it, you'll crack up again when you watch it now.

Chelsea Handler remained fully clothed throughout her time on Ellen's show--although her black bra showed through her sheer top. Was she hoping to coax Ellen into that nude shower scene one more time?

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