Chelsea FC: Will They Sacrifice The League?


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Chelsea FC seemed down and out following an away loss to Paris Saint-Germain F.C. where the game ended 3-1. Things also looked bleak for the Blues early on in the return leg.

Eden Hazard, one of the best players for Chelsea, was taken out of the game due to a calf injury.

Tough circumstances, however Chelsea is one team to never underestimate. What followed was a major comeback from the London team.

Andre Schurrle, who was substituted for an injured Hazard, netted a crucial goal in the 14th minute, bringing the score 1-0 (2-3 on aggregate).

Suddenly the Blues didn't have such a high mountain to climb.

Before Chelsea fans knew it, Demba Ba scored a second goal for their team, bringing the score to 2-0.

When the final whistle blue, the score over both legs was 3-3. Remember that away goal? It helped Chelsea get through on aggregate:

Against all odds, Chelsea managed to get through to the semi-finals. It may have been due to a technicality of sorts, but the victory was enough to keep the Blues' Champions League hopes alive.

Chelsea now finds itself in a special situation. They are currently challenging for the Barclay's Premier League title along side Manchester City FC and Liverpool FC. Those two teams are scheduled to meet this weekend. Chelsea will travel to Anfield to face Liverpool two weeks later.

Chelsea will likely play their extra Champions League games both before and after their away game at Liverpool.

With the Reds in a dangerous position (should they beat both Chelsea and Manchester City, they have a good chance of winning the League), they will likely bring everything to the meeting with the Blues.

Are the London club going to be able to give the same level of energy knowing it could mean inconvenient injuries and exhausted players? Such things could shatter their opportunity to make it to the Champions League final and win the entire tournament.

It's unknown what Mourinho will do, as he may decide to push his team to the limit, in an effort to get both trophies. As it is his first season back at Chelsea, the Portuguese manager certainly has a lot to prove.

It's just a matter or whether or not Chelsea will be able to find balance and make it happen.

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