Chelsea Clinton: Letter To President Makes An Appearance In Her Book

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Chelsea Clinton has always seemed to be older than her years, a mature and conscientious young lady during her father's time in the White House who would later work as a correspondent for NBC News and as a board member for two of her dad's foundations. But even when she was five years old, Chelsea was aware of the world around her and using her voice to try and make change.

Clinton, whose new book It's Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired & Get Going! is a primer for middle school kids, spoke recently about a certain letter that's included in the book and the back story behind it.

The letter, written to President Reagan when Chelsea was just five, is a plea for him to cancel his trip to Germany to visit a cemetery where Nazi soldiers were interred. Clinton used The Sound Of Music as a reference, saying she thought the Nazis were bad people.

"I had sent my favorite heart and rainbow stickers along with my letter, as a gesture of good will to President Reagan so that, hopefully, he would take me seriously. I didn't think an American president should honor a group of soldiers that included Nazis. President Reagan still went, but at least I had tried in my own small way," Chelsea told People.

Chelsea and her mom Hillary were guest speakers at Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington D.C. recently, on hand to help celebrate the church's 200th anniversary. While Bill was in attendance, it was the women of the family who got up to speak, with Chelsea touching on the notions of faith and family before heading home to celebrate Rosh Hashana with her husband and daughter.

“We are thinking about faith in our house right now and the ways in which we hope our daughter will find her own faith and what we can do to support her,” Chelsea Clinton said.

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