Cheerleader with Down Syndrome Returns to Squad


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Last month, a young cheerleader with Down Syndrome made national headlines when she was called a "liability" and was removed from her school's cheerleading squad.

Now, after coming to an agreement with the school district, 16-year-old, Brittany Davila has finally been able to rejoin her squad on the sidelines.

The story first made headlines when Davila was told to cheer in the stands during a recent volleyball game. The district later called this a "misunderstanding".

"We admit there were some miscommunications but the fact that when we were finally able to meet with the family, everything was resolved in about five minutes, that really says a lot about how far apart we were," Deer Park ISD Spokesman, Matt Lucas, said.

Davila has been an honorary member of the squad, which allows her to participate in the cheers, but doesn't allow her to perform in the stunt groups or compete in competitions.

“It really is amazing. I’m so proud of Brittany because she’s done all the things we’ve asked her to do and more,” said Sara Washington, the captain of the Deer Park freshman cheerleading squad. "She helps us stay on track if we are talking she's like get in line. She calls ready for us sometimes, practices with us and is so sweet," she continued. "She's perfect for this, this is what she was made to do."

Davila's mother and grandmother were seen cheering her on in the stands. Bunny Davila said, "She was a little nervous when we were walking up here, but now that she's down there, she's in her groove, I guess."

“I think it’s just beyond belief. It’s just amazing that they let her do this,” says Jyeneece Robbins, Davila's Grandmother. “She’s happy because she’s doing what she loves to do.”

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