Check Out This Custom-Built "Hobbit House"

Amanda CrumLife

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A life-long Tolkien fan who has been collecting memorabilia and books for more than 30 years has worked with architect Peter Archer to create an abode which would make even Bilbo Baggins proud.

Archer says they first had to find the perfect spot to begin building the structure, and found it in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

"This isn't something that you can recreate on a suburban cul-de-sac; it was made for this specific location and it wouldn't work anywhere else," Archer said.

Although the home has modern heating, air, and plumbing amenities, any evidence of those things has been cleverly hidden by Archer, who says he wanted everything to have a timeless quality rather than to just look like a recreation.

The 600-square foot home features an adjacent garden and stones from an 18th-century rock wall which was original to the property.

Amanda Crum
Amanda Crum is a writer and artist from Kentucky. She's a fan of Edward Gorey, Hunter S. Thompson, and horror movies. You can follow her on Google:+Amanda Crum