Check Out This Awesome Legend Of Zelda Live Action Film

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I love the idea of video game film adaptations, but the execution never works out. The studios make the movie for a general audience instead of the gamers. This leads to plenty of terrible films that don't stand as good movies or good game adaptations. Thankfully, there are fans who are good at making movies whose love of the source material transfers perfectly to film.

One of those instances is here for us today in the form of a live-action short from Somewhat Awesome Films based on The Legend of Zelda. Link's adventures have never really been able to translate well outside of video games because Link can't talk. If he did talk, we would end up with something like this again:

It's the reason above that has convinced fans around the world that Link should never talk. That's why the Link in this particular fan film thankfully remains silent. It surprisingly works as the actor has to use body language to convey the scene. That's what we get in this fan project from Action News which features Link walking with Epona at night only to encounter a Poe.

It's a little disappointing that the film is so short. It more than makes up for that with its quality though. If the film was only meant as a preview of better things to come, I think we have a lot to be excited for. It's an exciting time for gamers as fans are beginning to make better and better films based around our favorite franchises.

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