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During it's Nintendo 3DS Direct today, Nintendo announced a number of new games for its handheld device. The most exciting was obviously the announcement of a sequel to A Link to the Past. Beyond that, however, the company also announced a new Yoshi's Island, Bravely Default and the next Professor Layton title.

The above games are all newly announced for the North American market. What about the already announced games though? Nintendo had more details to share on those as well, including new trailers.

The first trailer is for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. The latest title in the successful, and very funny, Mario & Luigi RPGs follows the exploits of Mario and Luigi as they attempt to rescue Princess Peach from a dream world. The only way to enter said dream world, however, is through Luigi's dreams. Inside his dreams, Mario will be battling enemies with Luigi who gains almost god-like powers thanks to his newfound dream abilities.

Up next is Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. This particular title is a remake of Retro Studio's wonderful Donkey Kong Country Returns that debuted on the Wii in 2010. Most of the title is a straight up port, but it does have a few new features. For one, the original game was incredibly difficult in later areas so Nintendo is upping the life bar of Donkey and Diddy Kong for players that aren't ready for the challenge of the normal mode. There's also a new world with eight new levels to be unlocked for those who beat the main game.

The third is for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The latest entry in Nintendo's popular life sim looks to bring more of the Animal Crossing experience that fans have come to expect with the added gameplay feature of the player now being the mayor of their town.

Finally, Nintendo released a new trailer for LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins. The prequel to Wii U's LEGO City Undercover, this new title brings the open world gameplay of the console title to the 3DS. Expect more of the zany LEGO humor that you've come to expect from the series.

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