Check Out Some Gameplay Footage From The Spiritual Sequel To Eternal Darkness


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It was announced last week that Eternal Darkness, the celebrated survival-horror game for the Gamecube, would be getting a spiritual sequel on the Wii U and PC called Shadow of the Eternals. At the time, we only got a short teaser trailer, but now the team at Precursor Games have released a proper (and lengthy) gameplay trailer.

The team at Precursor Games has forgone the likes of Kickstarter in favor of its own crowdfunding campaign. The team is asking for $1.5 million to develop the first episode out of 12 planned episodes, but it's only been able to raise about $134,000 thus far.

Gamers' reluctance to put money forward could have something to do with the sordid reputation Silicon Knights and its president, Denis Dyack, have gained over the last few years. Precursor Games is made of many former Silicon Knights staffers, including Dyack. The studio has recently gone on record saying that it understands the skepticism, and says that it's working "to show everyone that Precursor is a totally new entity."

If the crowdfunding campaign is successful, you can expect to see Shadow of the Eternals on the Wii U and PC at some point in 2014.