Check Out Borderlands 2 Running On Nvidia's Project SHIELD


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One of the stranger announcements at CES this year was Nvidia's Project SHIELD. In essence, it's a handheld gaming device powered by the company's new Tegra 4 mobile processor. Nvidia has stated that it will play all the latest and greatest Android titles, but the company has been primarily pushing its secondary function of streaming PC titles to its 5-inch screen.

In what Nvidia is dubbing PC Mondays, the company will be showing a PC game running on Project SHIELD every week for the foreseeable future. This week's game is Borderlands 2 - one of the best PC ports of last year. The title looks absolutely glorious on my 1680x1050 monitor, but how does the game perform on a tiny 5-inch screen? Check out Nvidia's demo to find out:

Borderlands 2 seems to perform just fine on Project SHIELD. Nvidia notes that games will stream at 60 FPS with no noticeable degradation in quality. The only caveat is that the game is on a smaller screen which means that some less pronounced details may not be as readily apparent as they are on a larger screen.

Alongside PC Mondays, Nvidia will also be putting up a new video every Thursday showing an Android game running on Project SHIELD. It will be interesting to see if any developers take advantage of the increased power available to them on Project SHIELD for their Android titles.