Cheating Wife Busted At Ball Game, Husband Contacts Women Who Passed Him Note

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Cheating wife sends racy texts to her lover while her husband is nearby; husband has no clue there's anything wrong. It's an unfortunate situation for many that doesn't end up well under the best circumstances, but for one couple who attended an Atlanta Braves game recently, it's also one that ended up going viral for the world to see.

Two sisters who attended the game noticed that the woman in front of them was texting someone obviously sexual messages while the man who was clearly her husband sat next to her, and decided to do something about it. Delana and Brynn Hinson say they took pictures of the woman's phone as she talked to a man named Mark, who was saved in her device as "Nancy". Later, they wrote a note to her husband letting him know what was going on and slipped it to him before posting the entire story on social media, where it quickly went viral and spread like wildfire.

While the women have been both lauded and criticized online for their actions, Delana says the man--who has not opened up to the media about the situation--was appreciative that they told him and later asked for the photo of his wife's phone as proof.

"He appreciated (that) we told him. Probably not so much that it’s on the internet but we never thought it would blow up like this," Delana Hinson told

Some doubters have expressed concern that the women edited the photos to make them fit their story, but they have posted video of the woman texting as well, and have received messages on Twitter from all over the world as more and more people read the story.

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