Cheating Note: Man Rats Out Pregnant Girl Texting Secret Lover at Football Game

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A Detroit Lions fan claims that he caught a pregnant woman sitting in front of him at a game recently texting another man while her husband sat there unaware. Rather than mind his own business, the man slipped the unsuspecting hubby a note.

The man, who calls himself “Lye” posted to his Facebook account later that day about the incident.

"I was at the Detroit Lions game today when I noticed this woman who looked eight months pregnant in a seat in front of me texting a man messages like 'I wish I was with you all day' and 'I will see you as soon as I’m done with him'.

"She kept hiding her phone every time her partner put his arm around her or reached in to talk to her.

"So being the man that I am I couldn’t help it…I had to write him a little note."

He included a snapshot he had taken over the woman’s shoulder, as well as a picture of the note he handed to the other man. The note read:

"Hey bro,

"I don't know you & you don't know me. When you get home check your girl's phone.

"She's been texting "Jason" saying she wishes she was with him all day!

"Take care, wish you the best,

"Happy Thanksgiving & #Chive ON!'"

Some have theorized that his “#Chive ON” sign-off may indicate that the whole thing is a hoax, or perhaps even a marketing ply by Chive.

When the story hit Reddit, commenters were of more than one mind about what “Lye” may have stirred up.

"This man potentially spared another man a life of cuckold misery. Props to him.”

"Girl gets beat up on a regular basis by her husband. He swaps her birth control so she gets pregnant and can't leave him. She meets Jason at Church and they plan to get her away from there, after the ball game when her husband is done beating her up drunk, and falls asleep. Plan is sabotaged by this a-hole, and when she gets home it’s all the excuse he needs to kill her."

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