Chaz Bono: 60 Lb. Weight Loss Due To Change In Diet

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Chaz Bono has dropped sixty pounds with the help of a doctor and says he had to make a conscious effort to change the way he was eating.

Bono, who was born Chastity to Cher and Sonny Bono, has undergone a dramatic transformation in recent years due to a decision to undergo female-to-male gender reassignment. With the help of hormones, Chastity slowly became Chaz. But the stress of such a huge life change began to take a toll on his diet, and his doctor warned him of the dangers of becoming obese.

Bono claims that diets don't work for him, so he went another route: having prepared, healthy meals delivered to him by Freshology. Delivered meal plans aren't the most cost effective way to lose weight, but for some it's a better option than trying to come up with a meal plan on their own and stick to it.

"Diets don't work. You just have to change what you eat, and I have," Bono said.

But that doesn't mean he's not exercising; the former "Dancing With The Stars" contestant still dances, and he says now he's learned how to cook for himself in a healthy way.

"I really avoid grains and starches, so meats and vegetables and fruits are my diet. I make them all different ways to keep it interesting."

Bono has dropped from 250 pounds to a slim 190, and says he's still losing.

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