Charmayne Maxwell Of 90's R&B Group Brownstone Dead at 46, Reportedly From Freak Accident

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Charmayne Maxwell died on Friday from a reported freak accident in her home.

Charmayne Maxwell was found by her husband on Friday night at their Los Angeles home.

According to TMZ, a family member said that Charmayne Maxwell had just returned home from her son's soccer game when the accident happened.

Later, at around 9 p.m., her husband, music producer Carsten Soulshock, found her bleeding from the neck and unconcious.

The family member said it looked like Charmayne Maxwell had fallen and cut her neck on glass. They said she was bleeding everywhere, but she still had a pulse.

Charmayne Maxwell's husband called 911 as soon as he found her.

The family member said Charmayne Maxwell died on the way to the hospital because she had lost too much blood.

LAPD told TMZ that the cut on her neck came from a wine glass, but they don't suspect foul play.

Charmayne Maxwell's brother tweeted his shock and disbelief after her accident.

Charmayne Maxwell was an original member in the 90's R&B group, Brownstone. Their hit, "If You Love Me", was nominated for a Grammy in 1995.

Charmayne Maxwell also had a successful solo career.

Such a sad story and such a strange set of facts surrounding her death. Hopefully this family can get some closure after this tragedy.

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