Charlotte Man Threatens to Hit Obama with "Lee Harvey Oswald Swag" on Twitter, Promptly Arrested

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Threatening to kill the President of the United States is a serious offense. Threatening to kill the President of the United States on Twitter is outstandingly idiotic.

Apparently, 21-year-old Donte Jamar Sims thought it would be good idea to announced his plans to assassinate President Obama to his 566 followers on September 3rd. The Charlotte resident tweeted a series of threats during a 15-minute period just one day before the Democratic National Convention kicked off in his city.

According to court documents, the tweets were spotted by a Secret Service intelligence agent, who went to Sims' home on Wednesday to interview him about the statements.

Without further ado, here are the tweets that got Sims in trouble:

After that tweet, one Twitter follower warned him that he "better stop tweeting that before the Feds come looking for him." But he continued:

After that, another user asked if he was serious. "As a heart attack," said Sims.

Some of his other tweets in the days following the assassination threats read "Mitt Romney for President," "#NOBama," "F*ck Obama," and "Democrats getting impeached." He did say that he respects Michelle Obama, however, and that she's "Sexy as hell."

After being apprehended, Sims confessed to the tweets, saying he knew it was wrong but he was high.

"Sims stated that he published the statements because he hated President Obama," the Secret Service agent wrote in the affidavit. "Sims asserted that he was high on marijuana when he made the threats but that he understood what he was doing and that it was wrong."

If convicted, those few tweets could cost him $250,000 and five years of freedom.

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