Charlize Theron Stars in New 'Dark Places' Trailer

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Charlize Theron will soon star in a new film based on a book by Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn. Dark Places tells the story of a mother and two sisters who were murdered in the 1980s. Their son/brother went to prison for the crimes. Charlize Theron plays the role of Libby--the third daughter and surviving sister. Libby witnessed--or so she believes--the murders.

Certain of her brother's guilt, Libby eventually begins questioning her past. This is where Charlize Theron shines.

While the twists and turns aren't quite as startling as those in Gone Girl, Dark Places doesn't disappoint.

Since there isn't yet a release date scheduled for the U.S., the following trailer features French subtitles. The film opens in France on April 8th.

Dark Places has been in the works since 2012. Since it's such a dark--no pun intended--movie, it won't be an easy or pleasant watch. Amy Adams was initially cast in the role that Charlize Theron now fills. Christina Hendricks also stars in Dark Places, as Libby in her later life.

Outside of the film world, Charlize Theron has recently made news for her relationship with Sean Penn. Penn recently described her to the media as 'the love of his life,' as he instructed a reporter not to refer to her as 'his girlfriend.'

Does Dark Places sound like a film you'll head to the theater to see--if and when it makes its way to the United States? It definitely sounds like the kind of role Charlize Theron can bring to life--while dealing with death--on the big screen.

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