Charlize Theron Sports Butch Hair-Do in New Mad Max Trailer

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Charlize Theron is known for her beauty. The South African actress and model has been tapped by filmmakers and fragrance peddlers alike for her flawless good looks and appeal.

But Charlize Theron has also proven that she is not afraid to dress down when the role calls for it. Sometimes Charlize Theron gets downright ugly.

Fans will remember Charlize Theron in Monster, where she played real-life murderer Aileen Wuornos. The visual of Charlize Theron all uglied up made moviegoers wince and worry that she might not get her looks back.

But she did. In film after film since then, Cherlize Theron has been as gorgeous as ever. Now she is playing Imperator Furiosa in the new Mad Max: Fury Road. The film sort-of reboots the Mad Max series of films that originally starred Mel Gibson. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the films explore a desolate landscape where human life is valued at a distant second to gasoline.

The new film stars Tom Hardy as the titular hero "Mad" Max Rockatansky. Max has been captured, but is helped to escape by a woman who wishes to cross the desert and needs him to serve as a guide. The wrinkle is that she is bringing along a group of women that she has "stolen" from a power-mad ruler.

The film has been highly anticipated for years. Shooting was delayed for a while due to weather issues. But now the film is in the can and the official trailer has hit the streets.

In the trailer, Tom Hardy is in typical Mad Max ass-kicking mode. But Charlize Theron is no Tina Turner stand-in. With a chopped off hair-do reminiscent of a Walking Dead character, Theron came to fight.

You can watch the trailer here. Go fullscreen for maximum madness.

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