Charlie Sheen Was Silently Battling Cancer; Now His Show Is Canceled

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Charlie Sheen has been battling a cancer scare, and he never told anyone.

The Enquirer interviewed Charlie Sheen for an upcoming edition, and he revealed that he had been diagnosed with a pre-cancerous throat condition.

“It was terrifying,” Sheen told The Enquirer.

After his diagnosis, long-time smoker Sheen sought help, of course. He learned that he would have to undergo a “very aggressive procedure” that could affect his voice and his dental work.

But Sheen is still a man bent on "winning."

“I never gave up hope that I would beat this challenge,” he says.

Sheen is facing another challenge lately. FX has decided to stop his show Anger Management after its 100th episode.

"I am beyond proud of what we accomplished over the course of 100 episodes of Anger Management," Sheen says.

"We created something uniquely special with some of the most talented individuals I have ever had the privilege to work with," Sheen continues. "My sincere thanks to all for their unwavering love and support. Here's to the next chapter."

And rumors are still flying that Sheen might pop back in for the finale of his old show, Two and a Half Men. That show is also finishing up its twelve-season run. Sheen has teased that he would like to drop back in on the show, even though he alienated almost everyone involved with it to the point that they killed his character off.

Sheen has since offered his apologies to those he insulted. But he still seems unable to avoid occasionally insulting his replacement on the show, Ashton Kutcher.

Still the rumor will not die. No one will confirm anything, but Ashton Kutcher left an ominous clue dangling.

"It's uh, I don't know if I'm allowed to talk about it," Kutcher said. "But I'm scared...Yeah, I'm a little terrified."

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