Charlie Sheen Sells Profit Rights From "Two And A Half Men" To Reduce Child Support

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Charlie Sheen revealed last month that he pays $55,000 each in child support to ex-wives Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller.

Charlie Sheen has two girls with Richards, Sam and Lola, and twin boys with Mueller, Max and Bob.

During his appearance on Dr. Oz, Charlie Sheen detailed some of his financial woes, including the burdensome child support. He also seemed to feel that the ladies were ungrateful.

He said, "We came up with a number a long time ago and I had a great job and everybody was living large. And that's not the case right now, but there's still that expectation to still keep paying this kind of money."

He added, "At some point you just can't justify it, especially when there's no gratitude behind it. None. I would send somebody flowers every hour if I got that kind of dough tax free."

Well, it seems Charlie Sheen found a way to shave off some of those child support payments.

Charlie Sheen sold his profit earning rights from Two and a Half Men for $26,750,000. Now his monthly income is much less significant.

Simple Math

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According to Charlie Sheen, he earned $613,000 per month when the child support agreements were made. Now, without the rights, he earns $87,384 each month and can't keep up with the payments.

Charlie Sheen has asked that his payments be reduced to fit the income loss. His hearing is set for April 13th.

What do you think of Charlie Sheen's child support reduction tactics?

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