Charlie Harper, Charlie Sheen's Two and a Half Men Character, To Be Killed

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The new season of Two and a Half Men is set to premiere in September, and we know that Charlie Sheen won't be a part of it.

His battles with writer/producer Chuck Lorre have been quite public. He was fired from his gig as Charlie Harper on the hit show after some tough substance abuse issues and a stint in rehab. CBS and Lorre decided to part way with the actor, spurring his transformation from sitcom star to social media star and viral sensation.

Many wondered if the show, CBS's biggest hit, would continue without its main character. Folks got their answer last month, when it was announced that eternal searcher of lost cars Ashton Kutcher would replace Sheen on the show. It was unclear what the word "replace" meant, as few expected Kutcher to simply assume the same character of Charlie Harper. That would most likely have been suicide for the program.

Now we might be getting a clearer picture of what will happen when the new version of the show premieres. TMZ is reporting that Chuck Lorre plans to kill off Charlie Harper at the beginning of the season. Although no definite script has been hashed out, it looks like one possible idea is to hurl Harper's car over a cliff.

Man, Charlie Sheen really did piss off Chuck Lorre.

A Facebook group "RIP Charlie Harper" has already sprouted and fans are reacting on Twitter as well -

R.I.P. Charlie Harper 27 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® · powered by @socialditto

And Chuck Lorre is apparently killing @charliesheen off on Two and a Half Men: Could it have ended any other way? 19 minutes ago via TweetDeck · powered by @socialditto

Oh no! I'm gonna miss him, he made the show. Charlie Harper that is. RT @TMZCopGuy Charlie Harper DOA in seaso… (cont) 21 minutes ago via TweetDeck · powered by @socialditto

The news might have confused some on Twitter, as the character has the same name as the singer from the British punk band UK Subs.

Not headline music fans exactly wanna see: "Charlie Harper Dies Tragic Death." Don't worry, UK Subs bufts, it's about C. Sheen's character. 3 minutes ago via web · powered by @socialditto

I'm sure people on Twitter are also thinking that the Cincinnati-based Modern Artist Charley Harper has passed. That great artist passed 4 years ago.

While the details aren't finalized, it's pretty clear that Charlie Harper will find himself six feet under in some way. How will Ashton's character fit in? The rumor is that he may play a guy who buys Harper's house after his tragic death.

What do you think Two and a Half Men fans? Is this the right move? Let us know in the comments.

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