Charlie Ebersol and Britney Spears: First Selfie Tweeted

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Charlie Ebersol is the new man in Britney Spears' life, and it seems like their relationship is evolving, because Spears tweeted a selfie of the two just days ago--for the very first time.

Word just emerged last week that Britney Spears was dating the writer and producer. Charlie Ebersol is the son of Saturday Night Live creator Dick Ebersol. He is known for producing both film and TV projects for HBO, ESPN, NBC, SPIKE, CNBC, USA Network, the History Channel, and more.

On November 5th, Britney wouldn't say whether the two were in an exclusive relationship or not. She remained coy while speaking with Extra.

"Yes, there is a special someone. It's very new," she said.

This weekend, however, she officially let the cat out of its proverbial bag.

Britney Spears captioned the tweeted selfie of her with David Ebersol with a picture of a heart. No words were needed. She made her point abundantly clear.

Do you think this relationship might work out for Britney Spears? She hasn't done too well in the romance category. This summer she told the crowd at one of her Las Vegas shows that David Lucado had cheated on her. They split up in August. And it wasn't all that long ago--January, to be exact--that she and former manager Jason Trawick broke off their engagement.

Might Charlie Ebersol be the one for Britney Spears? Does he have what it takes to withstand her crazy life as a performer? His work has certainly familiarized him with show business types. Do you suppose any he's met have been like the 'Poison' singer? Will Britney be too much for him to handle?

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