Changes in AdWords Click to Call


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In an announcement on their blog, Google outlined three new changes to their click-to call ads. The updates aim to streamline ad creation, improve ad quality and call performance measurement.

Account-level call extensions will start rolling out this week. These can be implemented across your entire account, instead of having to add them at the individual campaign and ad group levels.

Google also plans to offer automated call extensions over the coming months. With this feature AdWords will automatically set up call extensions from a prominent phone number on your landing page.

After starting testing last year, Google is rolling out a new look for call-only ads that feature business names in the headlines. Testing showed that business names in headlines helped brand awareness and delivered better calls. Here's a screen shot of the new format:

To offer better understanding of click to call ad performance, Google is adding two additional columns to its reporting: “Phone Impressions” and “Phone Calls.”

These new call performance metrics will show opportunities to improve campaigns. Google says, “For example, consider using call-only ads on keywords with the highest phone-through rates, or decreasing wait times when you have customers on the phone to improve call conversion rates.”

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