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If you use Tumblr, you've seen plenty of animated GIFs, no doubt. You've also seen plenty of Tumblrs dedicated to silly things. There is often overlap between these two scenarios, as is the case with the Chandler Dances On Things blog.

When perusing the GIFs and coming across the obligatory Bing logo entry, I felt compelled to share it with our search industry enthusiast readers. It's stupid. I know. Yet, there is still something disturbingly entertaining about watching Chandler Bing dance on things.

Chandler Bing dances on Bing

On the actual Tumbler page, you may also find him dancing on the the Pope, Rick Santorum's finger, Nyan Cat, the Queen, and of course the Tumblr logo (among other things).

Tumblr recently increased its animated GIF size limit, encouraging things like this, so don't only thank the creator of this particular Tumblr blog. Thanks Tumblr.

What do you think? Does this beat today's Google Doodle?

Source: Chandler Dances On Things. Hat tip to Uproxx.

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